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Thread: Small lakes or ponds near corona Riverside area

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    Default Small lakes or ponds near corona Riverside area

    Hello all,

    Was seeing if anyone could let me know of ponds or lakes near riverside/corona area to fish? I normally will rent a boat and go to Perris, Diamond, Skinner etc,
    but wanted someplace I could take a small bag and rod or two and shore fish for some bass. Thank you for any recommendations.

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    Hmm. That's a tough one since I don't really concentrate on bass, but I will throw my $.02 out there since a forum is useless with sharing.
    Prado Regional - I haven't fished there in awhile, and from what I understand here on the forum is that over the last year they lowered/drained the lake to do repairs, and a lot of Prado regulars seemed to feel that even once the lake was refilled it was going to take some time for the fishery to bounce back.
    Lake Evans/Fairmont Park - A truly "urban" experience, but I know there are guys that fish it pretty regular (I'm not one of them). On a positive note to my knowledge you don't have to pay to go there. On the flipside - the homeless living in the riverbottom may break-in/rob your car if you are inattentive. And strictly catch and release. Water quality is...scary...and I honestly can't tell you if it gets stocked at all, but when I go there walking I see bluegill, and where there are bluegill there are usually bass...
    Rancho Jurupa - Nice regional park. Fishing...iffy. Structure in the main lake is minimal, and not really any bass to speak of. Clean and nice, but of course like any park you have to "pay to play" and it is pretty much the type of place that you need to be there when they stock (trout in the winter, catfish in the summer). On a week that they stock there will be cars lining up at Midnight on Crestmore road to get in at 6 AM Thursday.
    As far as "Ninja Fishing" - well, there are opportunities with golf courses and cemetaries but I'm not sure that is appropriate to discuss.

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    Brewcrafter hit most of the key points.

    There is a variety of swamps, marshes, ponds and the like in the river bottom. I spent alot of time exploring these over the past few years. The quality has dropped with the drought, changes in water flow, etc, but sometimes you'll find little honey holes loaded with bass and sunfish. If you have the time and don't mind bushwacking, I'd start that way.

    If you purely want to take a small boat out, I'd for for Fairmount (you need a permit, but it's much cheaper than going for Prado).
    Alternatively, if you have military connections, try Lake Norconian.
    There's also several small ponds in the San Jacinto river bottom drainage, below Lake Elsinore. Access is iffy.

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