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Thread: Fun Day at Los Alamitos Bay

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    Default Fun Day at Los Alamitos Bay

    I've fished Los Alamitos Bay many times and it never gets old. It struck me the other day that in a weird way it's almost like a baseball player going to the same playing field over and over. It's not the playing field that matters, it's how you play the game. The other team is always on the field, the rules never change, the only thing that matters is how you play the game. It's a unique challenge and it never gets old.

    Here are some highlights of a recent game. The weather was kinda crappy, but I caught ten fish in all and was happy to get out on the water. I had a couple of those "is he on or off??" moments that day.

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    I like it - and I like the baseball analogy.

    Sometimes I think of bass fishing when fishing structure (and even trout fishing in the mountains) like golf. You get a few shots at a hole before it's time to move on. Gotta plan your approach, etc.

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    A lot of action in that vid Bob,nice going on getting those hung up fish out,always makes me wonder what’s down there? Maybe a cable,shopping cart,spare tire,caves ect...?
    Alamitos Bay is my favorite and home Bay,I’ll be there this afternoon shore fishing one of the beaches there,we catch spottie,rays,Corbina,halibut,and perch,last week we even got a sargo that was a surprise,nothing big but we still always “swing for the fences”! lol

    Cya Tuna Vic

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