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Thread: Could Trump become President for Life?

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    He night indeed refuse to leave the White House, ETucker. He needs to put his big boy pants on and concede the election, but he still acts like a petulant, spoiled child.

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    Finally finished reading wow... anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FISHISH View Post
    Finally finished reading wow... anymore?
    I started this thread a couple of years ago. Many of my thoughts and predictions sorta paned out. However, it probably won't happen, even though Trump may still want it to happen, but he is too incompetent to pull it off! Booking the 4 Seasons Landscaping company for a Press conference say's it all! But what is still kinda scary is what he's doing at the Pentagon on replacing people in high places with Lackey's. The former CIA director recently said, "if he saw that in another country" BE READY FOR AN MILITARY COUE!

    p.s. We may be going to Lake Hemet on Sunday. If we do, "I'll write something up."
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    Thanks! I think you already know i'm going on the twenty second so that would be helpful!
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