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Thread: Could Trump become President for Life?

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    the majority repubadubs knew trump was guilty the entire time

    but instead of dealing with the crimes

    these patriots you saw in the grand old party used procedure as a defense instead of fact and merit of evidence
    those 45 traitors that used procedure on the constitionality of the impeachment sealed the outcome of the trial for the crimes pinky committed
    before the trial even began and got off having a bogus excuse for political righteousness and non accountability

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    Yes, Republicans came up with a bogus excuse to acquit their leader. Republicans are more "tribal" and have a less diverse base than Democrats, so they tend to stick together no matter what excuse it takes. They have become a post politics party. Their interest is primarily in attaining and keeping power, and blocking the legislation of Democrats, rather than policy. Supporting an attempted coup by a Republican president who clearly lost the election is consistent with their power-mad collective agenda.
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