Took all four of my Grandsons (ages 4 to 17) to Fairmount Park around 4 pm to fish for the Bluegill there. Using a 4 lb test line, a No.10 Eagle Claw Circle hook and a small bobber up 24 inches or so from the hook and waxworms for bait, we caught about 40 fish in a couple hours time. My youngest grandson Joseph caught the most fish! Every time I cast out for him, his little foam bobber would go underwater and he'd start reeling in a fish! With circle hooks you don't need to set the hook. The fish hook themselves when you start winding them in. Plus they don't get hooked deep in their throats, so all were released unharmed. We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of smiles! It's a great time and place to take the kids fishing. These are not the huge 1 to 2 pound Lake Perris Bluegill that I have reported about in the past, but still a fun fish for children to catch, without getting bored with slow fishing or no fish being caught at all. Nothing worse to show a young kid about fishing is to have nothing caught and no fish biting at all