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Thread: Casting The HAMMER BOMB!

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    Default Casting The HAMMER BOMB!

    Casting The Hammer Bomb!

    I had to go to Kaneohe Marine Base to pick-up my yearly gate pass that morning so i decided to try casting a Hammer Bomb since i was half way across the island. These resin balls are distinctly unique. By the time i got to a open beach it was 11:30am. Wasn't really planning on doing this until the last moment since i had to field test CHL's newest un-named prototype grub. Killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

    I modified the usage of tough bubbles last year with copper bb's instead of water. This idea works but it is time consuming constructing the units. I made a video on casting these bubbles last year. I always wanted to try the Hammer Bombs. The inventor Bill Newton, owner of Ewa Beach Buy & Sell gave me one to try at the Product Show last year. Since then i bought an assortment of colors & weights to try.

    The Hammer Bombs are slightly negative weighted resin balls with swivels at each end. You can cast lures or baits using these balls. Since i use pre-made leaders i adapted the HB's with a Coastlock Snap Swivel on 1 end attached using a split ring. You don't have to do this but for the way i fish it makes my system easier is all. Wasn't expecting to catch anything as it was almost high noon & a scorcher as well. Still it was nice to see how this product performs.

    My reaction using HB is it's a great product. The aerodynamic egg-type shape casts extremely far. There's also 3/4oz up to 3oz depending on the weight & color (match-up the unit's weight to the rod's weight/power rating as well as the reel's rating & line used). The biggest advantage for me is to cast the shallow reefs without getting hung-up on anything. The Completely Hooked Lures new prototype grub called "Honey Dew" looked great as well. I plan on trying this CHL grub again on my next whipping session. I also used a Trapper Hook (that i made a video of as well) that i'm also very pleased with for quick releases w/no harm to the fish that J-style hooks can cause.

    If you don't want or need to add the split ring with a coast-lock snap (if you're pre-made leader has a swivel) you can leave the Hammer Bomb as is. I tie a palomar knot for connecting the Bomb to the braid mainline. For even my pre-made leaders i just cut the swivel off and make a loop knot (also called a surgeon's knot) and loop-connect it to the other swivel. I tried this when i caught the small Bluefin Trevally that i released in the video. It was exhausted when caught but within seconds of getting back into the water it turned up-right & took off.

    The reason i tried the 1-1/2oz & 2oz for this day is because it's a shallow area & i wanted to see what weight works best. Deeper water you can go 2oz or heavier. A lighter rated rig you can use 1oz or even the 3/4oz. I must say i was very pleased using the Hammer Bombs. My next project will be using the flashing Flash Bombs by Hammer Bomb for casting at night. These are motion activated. I love trying a new product that works so well.
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