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Thread: 9" bluegill at lagoon and others

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    Default 9" bluegill at lagoon and others

    i know the blues moved up in goon and can find em at the reeds.. but at the upper its always a pain to find em. mainly because all the cover is underwater... and then usually the dead bushes you see dont hold them like alive bushes do. i tried using small pieces of robo worms and maybe got a bite or two. throw on half a real worm and bite after bite... the pain is casting a real worm without barbs. and the bluegills like to steal bait a lot. i usually pinch off half of large or medium nightcrawlers at a time. usually use back end of worms incase i dont use em all for a bit they can regrow. the bad thing about going for bluegills is sometimes you wont get a bass that day because bass here are tough to get. and then its easy to spend some time catching blues when you find them since its a nice break from the work it takes for largies.

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    Nice little video! I like how you are careful with your handling of the fish you caught. Very cool bro. Don't Bluegill just fight so good!? That's why they are my favorite fish. Now imagine one of 2 lbs and 11 to 12 inches long on an ultralight outfit and 2 lb test line! We do it quite often, especially this year. When I get a chance I'll send you a PM with the details..

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    ya i wish i could get a big one here. i like them here just because if you can find them you can catch a bunch in a row kind of and its a nice mix from the grind to catch largemouth. my ultralight reel broke so i havent taken it out for a bit. but my first year at castaic all i used was ultralight with 4 lb mono i caught a few over 4 lb bass on it. and a lot of little gils when i was going night fishing in the summer they are almost on every rock you can see.. so i couldnt help but catch em lol. but ya the bad thing if i go for em i dont throw for the big ones as much as i should.

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