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Thread: My first halibut!

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    Default My first halibut!

    First off I'm sorry that I don't have any pics. I wasn't prepared and it was dark and I don't have a headlamp yet. But from here on out I'll have pics & prob video as I inherited an older GoPro as well and probably be posting that to YouTube and/or Fishbrain.

    So I was thinking I want to truly become a better angler but I have no time. However if I sacrifice sleep, push myself, and wake up very early and go before work I can do it. So today I started.

    I calculated that 3 a.m. wake up is needed to account for travel rigging up and clean up and then be a work at 7 am, giving me a solid 2 hrs of fishing. I knew it was gonna be hard, but it's already paying off because I landed my 1st halibut, then my 2nd all in the first 20 min! I am stoked.

    I woke up a 3:30 a.m. and headed out to the AO and was on the sand at about 4 a.m. to fish the falling tide. Low tide wouldn't be until 10 a.m.

    The conditions: light offshore wind, 1-2 ft waves, water temp 65 and it was still dark and couldn't tell if it was overcast or clouds. No salad.

    Gear: baitcaster setup, low profile reel, 12# mono, with LC 110sp white-glow tied directly on.

    After about 10 casts, near the end of my retrieve I started to slow it down and kept the rod tip down then ba-bam! Hit less than 10ft away from me. I set the hook and brought it quickly to shore which told me it was probably short. Was thrilled! Measured out at 17".

    After releasing and checking my line and gear I cast a few more times and got hit again. This one put up about the same fight and I could tell again it was well below legal but I was stoked I caught a second! Measured out at 14".

    Next I got a nasty birds nest that could not be redeemed. I had another rod but decided to wrap it up until another day.

    My brother is gonna joining me tomorrow so I'm excited to go back out there and try for a legal.

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    Great report, keep on posting

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    Congrats on your first of many Flatties in the surf..
    The main key to catching them is to just get out there.
    You should take mental notes of tides, swell, current direction at the various locations you fish.
    This will help increase your chances of getting on them more frequently.

    Take care & thanks for sharing,

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    Congrats on your first and second, more will follow.

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