Headed out to the beach and started fishing at 3:30AM. Conditions were pretty good. No wind, light surf, a surging north swell didn't help to much, only other thing was, there was a little salad on every cast while throwing the Hard bait. Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 Anchovy Venus. I was using a Shimano Stradic 4000 and a Diawa Coastal 7ft with 12# Izorline.

Got a few taps but missed them all. Finally got on board when this 17" Sand Bass hits the lure. Good fight in the surf for there size.

After that it took another half hour before I got my next strike. And it was pretty solid too. I guess I ran into a school of some Yellow Fin Croakers.
I got about 4 YFC with this being the biggest at 15 inches.

Fat football.

After that I got one short Halibut around 15 inches and that was it for the rest of the day. Lost a legal when it came unbuttoned on a nice size piece of kelp in the dark.

Was thinking about that one I lost all day. I just said to myself tomorrow is a new day.


Arrived at 3:30 again to even better conditions. Low surf, no wind, and I could see some bait fish being chased around. Some weeds but not bad as the day before. Surge wasn't as strong this morning. A few casts in and I got some redemption. Stuck a nice 22 inch Halibut. Released to fight another day.

Hali#1 22 inches

Each cast was getting hit now. I'd miss a couple taps and slow it down to feel if she was still chasing. Then Bam It's another fish on.

Hali#2 22.5 inches

Kept on casting looking for the bigger sized model. Felt this big hit and paused, let her take it and set the hook.

Hali#3 24.5 inches

First light had just arrived and time was running out. I was hoping to get one more before I left. And the fish gods answered. This fish made 4 to 5 runs and was trying too head to kelp to break me off. Thankfully my drag was set just right. This was an intense battle. One that I'm glad I won. A couple of close calls.

This Halibut was fat for a 27 incher. Really wide body and had some gnarly colors on her as well. Here are some pictures from the mornings session.

Some cool markings on her, and look how wide she was.

Look at that mouth!

I kept 2 Halibut and let the other two go.

It's alot of fun catching these fish in the dark. Anything can happen during the battle and you really can't see much. Especially as your backing up hoping not to fall down, while at the same time keeping your line tight. It's a lot fun! Very addicting. The headlamp only helps you out so much!

Halibut in the dark!

Grunion run should be starting tonight and going through the next 3 days. It should be good for some night fishing! I have yet to see a grunion run myself. I have seen some stragglers swimming around after a run. I need to get out there one of these late nights during the high tide.

Thanks for reading my report and good luck out there! Until next tide!

Joel 8) AKA Fishing4hali