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Thread: Cranberry Lake, Washington???

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    Default Cranberry Lake, Washington???

    Hello Everyone! Member from San Diego here. I am going on vacation to Whidbey Island this year with the family. I was promised one day of fishing on the island. I want to target trout or bass. So a lake with a heavy supply of both is a must. I am heavily thinking about going to Cranberry Lake. Does anyone know where the best spots and what to use here would be? I do bait n' wait for trout on a Carolina Rig usually. Will the typical Powerboat work fine? What about good stuff to use and where to find the bass? Anyone info is greatly appreciated. If you want to put your two cents on any better places on Whidbey, feel free. You guys know best! Thanks y'all...

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    hey, SoCal_Fishing,

    My sister lives up there. they went to cranberry lake a couple of weekends ago and only caught a few perch..... depending on when you're going to be there i'd say saltwater is your best bet. (Though I'm told tere are also tagged fish in Deer lake some worth $$$$.)

    You'll get salmon as opposed to bass, trout, or perch... so I guess it depends on the type of fishing you're going to be doing. her husband's co-worker just caught a 260+ pound halibut... just shy of the state record. I know at certain times of the year they catch salmon right off the beach tossing buzz bombs and in some places they get lingcod from shore as well. I would guess you might find cabezon and greenling around them parts too. Good luck

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