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Thread: Whopper Plopper Lure vs a Hungry Bird!

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    Default Whopper Plopper Lure vs a Hungry Bird!

    Whopper Plopper Lure vs a Hungry Bird!

    Years ago i had a seabird pull my tuna jig out of the water behind my boat but he dropped it back. Today a large Heron type of bird dive-bombed my River2Sea Whopper Plopper 90 surface plug and got stuck on it. Luckily a father & son was fishing off to my left and it took all 3 of us to safely release this angry fowl. He even came back to either stare me down or thank me.

    It was a weird day for birds. I took my sandwich out for lunch and a bunch of ducks attacked me, biting my feet & toes. Then a goose chased me as well. I was whipping/spin casting this canal that my buddy Mark Gates showed me this month. Earlier i found a sandy beach that had sardine schools being chased by predators but decided to return in the evening because nothing was hitting.

    I left home at dark, returned at dark. No fish or "fish stories", only tall bird "tails". Lol! When i returned to the area where the sardines were, there was no activity. The 2 guys next to me did catch a Trevally & a Barracuda. My legs are sore from walking through the sand at night to parking aways from this area as well. Also hungry as i gave half of my food to a homeless guy.

    Not one of my better days but it was nice to be outside.
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    a few birds have tried to go for my top waters at castaic i just said no and they flew off.. lol.
    but i caught this one night he lived too.
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    ya i caught dracula ...
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    Damn! I'd cut that line instead!

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    Nice release,I think the ducks took off because they thought he was a hawk when he was thrown up and started flying right over them!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Where the heck was that?

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    This happen on the edge of a golf course along Waikiki on Oahu.

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