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Thread: First Legal Halibut in Quite Some Time... and then Some.

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    Thumbs up First Legal Halibut in Quite Some Time... and then Some.

    I haven't caught a legal Halibut in quite awhile... Halibut hunting is tough, catching a legal Halibut is difficult, and rarely hitting the surf makes it that much harder to catch one. I'm trying to find more time to hit the surf whenever I'm in town to get back to my favorite kind of fishing... surf fishing.

    About a week ago... just as the wheels on my flight coming back from Spain/Portugal touched the runway at LAX, I get a text...
    It was from Jonathan (ToadsToadsOnly), telling me that the Halibut bite at a beach that I put him on a couple of years ago was going off big time.
    My surf fishing Brothers looks out for each other and one good turn deserves another.
    Included with the text were some pics of a few legal Flatties that he caught that week... a 24", a 26", a 28" a 30"+

    Needless to say, I was going to make it a point to get out there and try to end my legal Halibut drought!

    A couple of days later, Don (Bachiboy) and I hit the beach at grey light wondering if the bite was still hot... after all, the Grunions were running.

    Morning session.
    Don (Bachiboy)

    We got the answer to that question quickly, as my third cast resulted in a bendo. Familiar head shakes greeted me and just like that, I beach my first legal in what seems like forever...

    The funniest thing is that when I slid the Hali up on the sand at predawn, it was still dark out and I didn't realized that I caught a pretty darn rare "Albino" Halibut. I thought it was the bottom side of the fish until Don told me, "Hey, you know that's the top side of the fish, right?" I looked at the fish more closely and saw where the eyes were and said, "Oh sh*t!" Don says it was trying to imitate a trash bag. Hahaha
    The fish fought strong and seems to be healthy. Just a little different, hope she wasn't alienated from the "tolerant and all inclusive" Left Halibut population. LOL

    A first for me... a Albino Halibut.

    We continue fishing and caught plenty of shorts... the Flatties were everywhere, at low tide, they were in every trench on that stretch of the beach. Most of the shorts were in the 18" to 21" variety, a lot of them were just barely short. The Grunion run have brought them in close.
    I got another 23" legal and we were both hunting for one of those big ones that Jonathan caught. Thinking that maybe he caught them all...

    Don had the worst luck all morning. He hooked up into a couple of absolute Donkeys, one on the LC and another on the dropshot and both came unbuttoned. Man, the second one he lost looked like a Beast from my vantage point. Major bendo and peeling drag... a 30" plus Flattie for sure.
    Sorry Brother Don, you'll get them next time.
    The large concentration of shorts kept us busy all morning.

    All the LC's I use today got pretty beat up.

    This is Don, wading WAY out there at low tide hitting the outside trenches. WOW.

    23" Legal

    Shorts galore...

    Decided to throw something other than the LC for awhile...
    Don switched to the dropshotting setup.

    Really short, lol

    A chunky Yellow Fin Croaker.

    We called it quits by 9:00am since we both had plans later that morning. I told Don I was going to try to come back for an evening session if he wanted to join me. Don says he can't make it and for me to get one of those Bastards that he lost.

    Evening Session.
    I came back the same day for an evening session. It was an even lower tide than in the morning and the trenches looked awesome... I pulled out three shorts on consecutive casts from this trench right here.

    Once again, the trenches were full of Halibut, mostly shorts. Must have caught a least a dozen shorts. Shook them off as fast as I could and get the LC back in the surf before I lose daylight...
    Managed to land three more legals. Two 23" and a barely legal 22" before it got too dark to fish. All fish released.
    Where are all the Barn Doors?!? Nothing but shorts and barely legals. It’s true, Jonathan must have caught them all.
    Disappointed that I didn't get a Toad Hali, but satisfied that I scored five legals in a day after such a long drought. Bitter sweet...

    One of the average size shorts... 20"

    Barely legal...

    Forgot how much fun it was Halibut hunting. Not sure when I can get back out there again with Mother's Day weekend coming up and heading for Mammoth for the last snowboarding trip of the season the week after...

    Don, thanks for joining me for the morning session. Damn, I really wish you could have stuck those Donkeys. But I know you'll get your revenge soon enough.

    Jonathan, U Da Man! Thanks for the heads up bro... but you could have at least left a few of the big ones for us.
    I appreciate you my friend and let's go kill some Bluefin soon.

    Here's one of ToadsToadsOnly many legal Hali at the same A.O.
    This one is a 31 incher"

    Spring time is here, the fish are biting... go gettem' ladies & gentlemen!

    Until next time... God speed to all.

    Arthur (Wingnut)

    "Many people turn to God when life has them down, but forget to keep in touch with him once he turns it around..."

    Parting shot:
    Wingnut Pug II

    Bonus Extra Stuff to Share...

    Spain and Portugal was Fabulous.



    Amazing food



    Sokha's (Troublehook) 1 year anniversary of his passing. Biking & Hiking Memorial.

    Sokha's Mountain Bike. Binh (BadBeat) was riding it that day.

    One of my Mountain Stallions.

    Remembering our "last" ride with Sokha.

    Took the crew for a Baked Catfish lunch. Yummy!

    I could eat the entire fish myself. Hehe

    Snowboarding in Big Bear with Binh (BadBeat) and Quang (ToadHunter).
    Hey Quang, what the hell are you smoking?!? lol

    Binh caught this dink on topwater at Castaic recently.

    A friend sent me these donuts last week... Krispy Kremes are way better.

    Binh following behind me in my SLR... try to keep up buddy.

    My sister harvesting from my Mom's garden.

    These bitter gourd she grows are really bitter and delicious, good for you too.

    Binh's daughter Hope turned one year old. So Uncle Wingnut got her a car for her birthday.

    Fortunately, her G-Wagon runs on batteries... At 12 MPG, this thirsty Beast drinks a lot, and often!

    Someday Tristan... someday... be patient young Jedi.
    Go to college and work hard. There are no shortcuts in life.

    Watering down the herd at the office.

    Heading out for another ride. Mountain biking is good for the soul... and the heart.

    What a dork. Lol

    Sometimes we ride 20+ miles all the way out to the coast... and back.

    Meeting my buddy Jo Koy for lunch.

    Jo hanging out with us after one of his shows...

    Found an ancient photo of my parents.

    "I've learned that simple walks with my Father around the block on Summer nights when I was a child did wonders for me as an adult."

    Took my Sister and some friends up to Santa Barbara to do some Pismo Clamming... we didn't get a single one.

    Another one of my favorite Vietnamese noodle dish.

    A night out to dinner at Chaya in Venice.

    She says she didn't have time to put on any make up... I told her that's okay, I didn't put any on either...

    Jonathan and friends at the Stagecoach Festival. Shoulda joined you, but I got totally burned out at Coachella, lol.
    Those are some nice "Landlocked" Halibutt bro... and they all looked legal too... Haha

    Jscib from SCSF opening a gift I sent his kids for Christmas.
    Nice Pjammies bro!

    In life, the best moments are those that your camera always fail to capture... you have a beautiful family Jason.

    Blast to the past photos:

    This is the first surf fish I ever caught, some 10 plus years ago. Carolina rig Gulp Sandworms. Ugly Stik spinning setup, in waders that were too big for me. Didn’t even know what a LC was... Hahaha. We all had to start somewhere...

    This Big Guy started it all for me... Miss you Dana - Fisherman

    "If you're going to hate me, hate me for me. Not for what you heard about me, or for who my friends are, or for the person you think I am..." Dad
    How true this statement is... the world is full of haters, don't be one.
    Arthur (Wingnut)

    "All know the Way, but few actually walk it..."

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    Wow, you didn’t hold back in this report! Just like old times...especially the catching part. Was hoping to join in on the fun but ended up planting crops and tending to the livestock. Was great fishing with you as always and glad to see you haven’t lost your touch! We’ll have to do it again soon!

    Take care brotha!
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    Good to see a report from you Author, even better to see one like this. I've never even heard of a albino halibut, poor thing looks like a spawned out salmon

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    Nice way to get back in the saddle surf fishing,a true passion,man that was a lot of halibut in a couple of sessions,you’ve got a nice area there for sure.
    Enjoyed the pics and all the related info,some nice rides mixed in there,take care!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    "Many people turn to God when life has them down, but forget to keep in touch with him once he turns it around..."

    this is a great quote and very true.

    great pictures!
    Thanks for sharing.


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    Congrats on the amazing surf slay fest and thank you for the great write up! Any day you catch 1 legal halibut on the surf is a great day, a day where you catch 5 is something else. That Albino Halibut is awesome, I caught 1 the other day with a 3" white spot on it and thought that was super cool. I didn't know you still have the SLS how does it drive compared to the AMG GTS? I am glad to see you have been enjoying your retirement and traveling the world, it is crazy that you still look the same as you did 10 years ago. The big barn doors are still there waiting for your return, in the meanwhile all of the grass and debris have been slowing clearing up, hopefully by the time you are back to the suds it is gone.


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    Nice going Arthur, good to see you fishing again. Left Halibut population -- Hahaha funny man!

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    Great report Arthur, thanks for sharing with us all and its good to see you back! We were going to meet up your ways long long ago for a hunt but it never worked out so let me know if you are ever up to it again and Ill be there!

    Take care brother.


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    Awesome report, Arthur! Nice to finally meet you! Keep up the Hali slaying!

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    Arthur, you haven't missed a step! Awesome report. Your pictures of Spain remind me of why my daughter loved living there!

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