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Thread: A final goodbye

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    Yea, when did you start caring about the poverty rate, Hawgz?
    Maybe he became a socialist during his sabbatical?

    Or maybe he cares about things only when it fits his argument?

    Take your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost2uu View Post
    How about you just shut up dumb ***....and using the hurricane (where people lost their lives) to try to talk trash on someone rhetorical or not makes you a piece of ****.
    No response to my explanation about me taking a shot at Deve. I took a shot at Deve because of his actions against the environment. (either knowingly or dimwittly)

    Now back to you.

    You called me a dumb *** and a piece of ****! You know those are fighting words! Not physically but mentally. I've looked you up before and read several years of your posts before you went dormant. You're a Striper and trout fishermen and doesn't seem to have any respect for guy's who chase the green bass. You are also in the minority belief, that DVL profited from the introduction of Stripers to that body of water. (how am I doing so far?)

    You also couldn't stand Cutbait! You didn't like his employer (water company) and was probably a little jealous he could probably fish for Stripers while he was working! lol It seems what moved you the most was water allocation in the state of California. (you didn't agree with how it was being used) You are also very opinionated! Unlike toilet paper dude, who can't put 2 sentences together. When you get rolling on a subject, you end up writing a book on whatever your talking about.

    So why are you so quiet on the Climate change debate? That's where I was going with it the whole time. I just tried to smoke out these former loud mouth Conservatives, with my comment about the Hurricane hitting the Carolina's. (It did work) I also had a by catch of you and the dude who got robbed and now hates this state.

    So you care about water in California. (I do too!) But do you care to speak on the real intent of my comment? (Climate change) Or do you just like calling people names?
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