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Thread: New species from the soup

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    Default New species from the soup

    I can see why there are no reports lately once I got a to the beach today: murky wind-swell mix, cold water, no bait and floating veggies everywhere.

    Well, started casting LC in what appeared as decent trough, only to see a family of beachgoers come from their house stairs and launch their SUPs right into it as if I was not there: Shocked:. I walked further down and see an even deeper trough and BAM! A massive bendo! I work it slowly on loose drag and let it run, catching a glimpse: not a shark or ray – the battle continues…

    10 min later the frequent chop helped me land my first black spot fin croaker – it looked like giant corbina at first but the spot gave it away. The fish was only 2 ft long but extremely fat. Launched it back into the hole and a minute later it came back to shallows and butted me in a leg.. See ya later big boy/girl..No phone or pics – I didn’t expect much action..

    As I explore the nearshore trough making mental notes of good future halibut visit, I get a bite. Feels small compared to last one and I casually bring in a 20” Hali – it felt so light and was patient , only splashing when unhooked and placed back..
    Not a bad 1.5 h of exploring, that spot can get great when conditions improve and the mud settles..

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    Thanks for the report,yeah that would of got my attention the fish bumping my leg!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    You are the first person I ever heard of catching a spot fin croaker on an LC...
    Thanks for the report,

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    Quote Originally Posted by efishent View Post
    The fish was only 2 ft long but extremely fat.
    Only 2 ft long???? That's a nice spot fin, and on the LC too boot. Congrats on a new species...............Verne

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