Lake Sabrina Boat Landing
April 30, 2018
Opening Weekend
In some ways it was a typical Opening Day at Lake Sabrina – a bit on the cool and breezy side, lots of fish heading to the frying pan or were caught and released and lots and lots of people – and in other ways it was not a typical Opening Day – the Lake ice-free and water up on the launch ramp. Sunday, we even had snow flurries on and off for the day. And there’s more of that white stuff to come, Monday, Tuesday and a bit on Wednesday, then we’ll heat back up for the weekend.
The Lake went ice-free Friday morning, with last week’s warmer then predicted temps it sure was a surprise to us! Rick’s working diligently on boats and motors to get them ready for this weekend.
With the Lake ice-free, there were oodles of room to fish whether you took the trek to DingleBerry Inlet or dropped off the trail on the way. A few fished from the Dam, while other hiked across the dam and fished across from the Landing. NightCrawler, PowerBait, Salmon Eggs, Mice Tails, Panther Martins, Jigs and Thomas Buoyants were all working.
Tom and Dillon Hughes caught their limit using PowerBait and have a few more memories. Robert Colarz landed three nice ones – 1-3/4# on a Panther Martin and a 2-pounder and a 3-pounder on Salmon Eggs. Joel, with some help from his friends Chris and Matthew pulled in a 2-pounder on a Berkley Jig.
We’ve got our pair of Bald Eagles flying around looking for fish – sure is a sight to behold! No bears or mountain lion sighting yet, but don’t forget to store your food in the appropriate places and PICK UP YOU TRASH!
Ma Nature is still acting a bit wishy-washy – the next few days, we got snow in the forecast with temps in the low 40s thru Wednesday and in the low 20s during the night. Thursday, the forecast is in the low 50s and low 30s. Friday and the weekend, we’re headed for the upper 50s and mid 30s. You can check out the forecast for the week at (enter Aspendell, CA in the search).
And the hiking conditions:
Not sure of anything yet. There’s snow at the trailhead, but lots of foot traffic. Haven’t talked to anyone lately that’s hiked the trail, but we’ll try and keep you updated!

Juanita, Rick, Patti, Dwayne, Jamin and Bob (a new face)!