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Thread: Coming to California

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    Default Coming to California


    I am moving back to Santa Clarita after a 15 year absence living up in British Columbia, Canada. I used to fish Castaic Lake for Carp (Im a UK import and carp is king over there 😊) and never really bothered with Bass. Im thinking that Id like to give it a go on the lower lake (lagoon) and give senkos and other plastics a go. Can someone point me in a good direction for a rod and reel choice for this type of lures?
    Also do you now have to pay to park? I was thinking of s few evening trips after work and not sure if parking still applies?
    Tight lines!

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    the lagoon has monster carp. and so does the upper. not too many people fish for them either. but ya for bass if you want to finesse fish you want a lighter style spinning rod so you can basically feel the smallest of bites. me i use ugly stick around 6 foot rod its their medium but to me its like a light rod. i would say the ultimate would be more of a little over 7 foot medium with light action rod for better casting easier handling of bigger fish. i just use heavier weights to compensate but a lot dont use over 1/4 oz weights for finesse. to me though i use that pole for basically every bait. its a little light for like crankbaits but i can still toss em and ive used it for the big whopper plopper and it can cast it just fine. i say ugly stick spinning because you can get cheap combos and be fishing. of course if you want more of name brand rods and reelz you are looking at like 2xs the price jump for their basics up to 3-4xs if you go for their "best" ones. personally the only rod i would really spend cash on is if i was fishing big big swimbaits.. because a cheap rod is not gonna be fun to be throwing those all day on. and stick to lighter line... in some areas and if bass are feeding the line doesnt matter but here i would say use the lightest mono you can bear to use and learn to fight the fish instead of muscle them in. of course you can do braid to flouro leaders ect but then it just gets more expensive esp if you like to fish a lot. and be prepared to not catch fish and you will be ok. just keep going you will get em. these fish though can be sitting in one spot and you can throw your full tackle bag at them and they wont move or even care. then all a sudden the bite will be on fire.. and then be dead again just as fast. if you already have some 6-8 foot spinning rods you are already good to go.
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    Check out the Bass Pro Shops for a rod, you'll find what you need. Or better yet, Check out Tackle Warehouse, They are located in CA, (San Luis Obispo), and have great shipping and deliver, (the next day on most all shipments). The best there is and they have everything in stock!
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    Also do you now have to pay to park?

    Yeah, $11 a day unless you're a senior or disabled. Castaic Lake Hours and Fees

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    well if you get there after sunset you can park for free at the lower at the 2nd turn in after the bridge. but if its before sunset even like a hour left you will have to pay though i have had them let me in for free a few times close to closing. but just buy a yearly parking pass its like 100 dollars and worth it if you go a lot. so before i got that when i didnt want to pay to fish at the lower i would just park across the street from the fire station. and walk to the lower.

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    Thank you everyone for the great info!
    I will probably get a season parking pass as I plan to fish most evenings after work.
    One last question about rod type. Does it matter what kind of action it has for fishing plastics? Should it be fast, medium or soft? I will most likely pick a good quality rod. All of my salmon/steelhead rods are Sage! Maybe in the classifieds section could pick up a rod/reel from someone local...
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