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Thread: Orange County - Dana Point 4/14 Report

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    Default Orange County - Dana Point 4/14 Report

    Just some general info and observations that hopefully others will find useful or have thoughts on. Fished inshore looking primarily for Flatties, but overall it was a Skunk Day. But:
    Current bait at the Dana receiver - excellent sardines in that nice 5-7" range.
    Water conditions overall were great.
    Fished a variety of drifts primarily from 140ft up to 30 ft, as far south as Pendleton and as far north as just west Dana Harbor below the bluffs.
    Not a lot of boater activity - launch ramp at Dana a ghost town.
    LOTS of life out there - many bait schools, mackerel, lots of porpoise and even quite a bit of whale activity.
    Temps were warmer than expected (62-64)
    Pulled up Quite a few pelagic Red Crabs!!!
    Given everything we were seeing, especially bringing up Red Crabs clinging to our halibut rigs, leads me to believe that with so much food in the water, the game species are pretty well fed. (Plus I believe there was a grunion run on the last full moon as well).
    With this much food in the water, and the temps coming up, I'm hoping this means we have another great year coming up! In the meantime hoping to get back out there in a couple weeks and pound the sand again. - Brewcrafter

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    Great report! It sounds like stuff is going to start biting soon. Hopefully I'll be out there in a couple of weeks too!

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