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Thread: lagoon crappie

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    Default lagoon crappie

    hit the lagoon for a couple hours before sunset. saw some big ones jumping here and there. saw some carp coming up also. saw a huge fish full breach like 200 yards offshore. maybe a striper. landed one tiny dink, and landed one crappie on a roboworm. was a surprise catch. i got it kinda close to a few other people so i tried a few more casts then kept on rolling down the banks. couldnt get another though. it didnt fight hard and it seemed kinda tired so i released it slow. it took awhile but when i let it go it took right off. i got it semi shallow too maybe 10-15 foot at most.
    sorry bad angle i though i was holding fish in front of cam lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdogg661420 View Post
    it didnt fight hard and it seemed kinda tired.
    Naw, crappie fight like a wet sock.

    The best is getting a 2 pounder to wack your spinnerblade, and you hydroplane it all the way to the boat because you're using baitcasting gear.

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    Nice catch! nice jacket too man! Bite off the BIke! nice!


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