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Thread: Perris 4-14 (report and general intel)

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    Default Perris 4-14 (report and general intel)

    Hey gang,

    Hit up Perris Saturday for about a three hour session in the p.m. Initially a lot of lake lice around, but with the higher water level I was able to hide back in the east end and threaten anybody with a jet ski bodily harm if they got to close. Fortunate for me i didn't have to lay down the law and take lake rangering in to my own hands. Both main launch ramps are wide open with the higher water so none of the long launch and trailer load waits of the last few years. Did i mention higher water levels?? Marking thirty foot spots behind the island and submerged brush everywhere. That dead zone of the last few years is an fishable as heck now. The place is filling nicely and that launch ramp walk of death is darn near joggable now. Bernasconi is set to open April 28th for shore anglers, but careful if you park outside the gate and walk in. Thieves and creeps make that a daily stop for stealing and breaking in. The third launch back in the east end will be open Memorial day for p.w.c. launches. P.w.c. is a know it all term for a jet ski used around lake ranger circles. I think it stands for (p) please (w) wear a (c) condemn in regards to some of the jet ski jokers I see out there going the wrong way in traffic, throttle to the rubber behind buoys in no wake zones, and especially the one guy riding the jet ski backwards facing east while the jet ski ran West.

    I got six out there yesterday with the biggest 20 inches. Everything cpred ( caught and released). If you plan on keeping fish you might reconsider and go to Long John Silvers. They taste better and you wont be hurting an already hurt resource. I know, I know you paid for your license and you have the right to keep your legal limit. Heck, I have the right to have a sex change, but I don't mind fore going that right and staying male.

    As for tips and tactics. I was working the weedlines. Now before someone sweats in out and thinks I'm giving away their secret spot. The whole east end and south side are weedlined including sunken forests further out. I was Carolina rigging, throwing Ikas , spinnerbaits, and never got around to a wacky senko.If you got something in your arsenal of tricks that works in dense forest and cover. That is the ticket.

    As I said finished up with six bass and long distance released two more. Most guys count those so I guess I caught eight. Experience would have been more pleasant, but some group had a live musical performance featuring "One Guy That Cant Carry a Tune and the Screechers". Thought about taking my shot at the Mic (been told I sing and dance well) to carry a few notes and then chucking the mic in the lake in hopes the Mic wasn't waterproof and they didnt have a back up.

    Ended up leaving the lake at closing for boats (830) and heading for Del Taco. Talked to a couple bass pros in a boat worth more then my house who had been all day and struggled. Said the water being added so quick on the bite jumbled up.

    I know, I know this post is worthless without pics. That is why i tried to explain everything in vivid detail as you literally had a picture in your head of the action...
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