I took my son up to Big Bear to troll the lake for some trout. I hadnít been up there to fish, since the DFG started stocking the 6Ē little **** bag trout, a few years back. And the lake is crazy low. But we decided to take my boat up there, since it was suppose to be in the mid 80ís at DVL today. I was talking to the guy working at the West launch ramp and he was telling me DFG was suppose to stock trout the week they opened the launch ramp back up, but they never stocked it.
We trolled needle fish and Rapala CD-3ís and landed 4 decent fish and got 3 or 4 good hard hits. My son landed a nice trout at about 8:30 on a CD-3 in trout color, just trolling out in front of the West ramp, in about 20í of water. We were metering a ton of fish at about 15í to 25í of water, but didnít get a lot of strikes. We then moved down to the dam area and trolled the south side back to Papoose Bay and back to the dam and just made laps. We started getting good strikes on the Frog colored needle fish trolled 4 colors down. There was a nice area from the dam down to Papoose Bay that starts at about 45í and as you troll east it get to about 36í, there were a lot of fish through there. There were a lot of people fishing the north shore and a lot of pontoon boats out, but I really didnít see anybody catching anything.
I also talked to the guy that worked at the launch ramp about the hatchery, he said they were still getting all the permits and funding in place, and it hadnít been started yet. Man I hope that lake gets some water soon.