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Thread: Stop the bleeding and help bass survive

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    Default Stop the bleeding and help bass survive

    So evidently this has been known for a while now. If you have a bass (or any fish you want to release), and it is bleeding, you can stop the bleeding by pouring some citrus soda like Mountain Dew or Sprite on the wound. The soda contains citric and phosphoric acids the cauterize the blood capillaries. Supposedly it really works. The bleeding stops and you can release the fish and it doesn't die. I'm going to have to try this. I rarely hook fish where they bleed, but when I do, I hate it when it's a fish I want to release, which almost all are.

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    Wow,pretty interesting,hadn’t heard that one,but anything that increases chance of releaseing to fight another day is worth a try!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    1st time hearing about this let me know if its true

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    Yes, you right. Use a soft drink that has some citric acid (Mountian Dew, Sprite, Mellow Yellow, 7UP). Once the fish begin to bleed from the gills or gullet, pour the soda on the affected area. The acid in the soda will make the capillaries shrink and reduce and may stop haemorrhage.

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