Last time out I got rained on and barely escaped the skunk.

This time I had a personal best with 35 fish total and a Saltwater Bass Trifecta! 18 Spotted Bay Bass - 11 Barred Sand Bass - 3 Calico (Kelp) Bass - and one each of Halibut, Mackerel and Sting Ray (Mud Marlin).

I averaged a fish every seven minutes for five hours and let me tell you, that kind of action is just plain fun, no matter what size the fish are!

This is testimony to the old adage, "The way to be successful is just keep showing up!"

I'm the first to admit that the video gets pretty repetitious, but I wanted to document the day and I tried to add some relevant commentary from the water.

Not much more to say except, Float Tube Fishing Rocks!