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Thread: sat morn got one at lagoon and a serious question.

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    Default sat morn got one at lagoon and a serious question.

    so im still amateur largemouth bass fisherman i started castaic 3 years ago or so but missed that 3rd spawn this is only my 2nd but anyways. castaic lake is a tough lake.
    last year at the spawn at the upper i was getting fish with more baits. but the summers winter ect so tough all i do is finesse. so i noticed even this year at spawn all ive been doing is drop shot.
    how bad is it to only finesse for largemouth? should i try to break the habit and use other baits or because castaic sux just stick with what works. of course there is days i skunk with finesse.
    i also lose a lot of baits at castaic but i think its only because over the past couple years the water raised so there was tons of fresh bushes in water. most of that has died off now even at full pool.
    i figure also if i lose a finesse set up its a hell of a lot cheaper then losing others. i guess if i knew there was fish for sure where i was at i might try more then finesse but on the banks you never really know if there is fish near you or none at all. anyways here a pic of the one i got sat morn. on finesse oxblood roboworms all i been using the past week.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WP_20180407_08_13_33_Pro.jpg 
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ID:	50965saw movement where i was casting couldnt snag anything went down about 50 yards felt a few nibbles then bam. got this one. it felt like i had a couple other bites but just real fast hits on plastic only and then nothing. tough morning.

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    ps. went back in the afternoon did a round from main launch ramp upper to the old launch ramp then back. didnt get anything. but i noticed a ton of guys near the main ramp. but ya there was a big school of trout at the main ramp with guys from the edge of ramp till it straightened out. some people were basically casting on top of each other i said screw it went back to lagoon. hooked up a tank and lost it .. oh well. but ya just letting you know about the trout plant yesterday.

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    Nice fatty!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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