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Thread: Get out there and catch some.

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    Default Get out there and catch some.

    My best day fishing but bad luck with go pro battery dying within first hour... fish are everywhere. though the smaller ones do seem to be everywhere. the nicer ones a little harder to find. though i did manage to find a couple monsters, not 100% but im sure they were male and female and both tanks. the funny thing of course when i did find them it was in some murky water so i couldnt really see where they were really at. i did get a couple 1-1.5# near them and each time they came rushing up from the murk to see what was going on with the dinks. a couple times they almost smashed the roboworm 1 foot from my boat but would turn at last second... if no murk i might have got them. there was lots of underwater bushes near them so i didnt really want to reposition and cast through it all without knowing for sure where they were. so after about a hour or so i took off from that spot and started catching more in other areas. the sad thing i only got those two dinks near the monsters and none others but i also saw even some medium ones in same spot but after those two nothing but random chasers... for a hour.. i did try a few diff things there though just incase those bigs wanted something else but no luck. but ya i really rolled around a lot and close to the banks to kinda target more specific zones today. i tried to find more shallow slow dropping zones and roll the boat into one side of that zone to shore. get out and walk 50 yards down bank and try to stealth the shallow zones and ledges near them. and instead of just use engine into coves i would kill engine at points and drift to back of coves or use paddle. but ya main taget zones like always besides the shallow flatter areas were points and coves. and i got fish in all 3 zones. i targeted some bigger drop offs and cliffs also but nothing deeper or really deep. gl out there. sorry my go pro died... so not as good as vid as it should be. was my best day fish wise there but not big size.. prob got around 11-12 largemouth. biggest was 2.5-3 pound short and full of eggs and fat with a short male that followed her to boat. only one with eggs i got. ps. all fish were caught with oxblood roboworm. i mainly stuck to it though since it was scoring.
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    Best Day Fishing/Bad Day Recording... This title is little confused. I seen this shared video and I would say this is complicated day with fishing. You were doing good fishing and you also caught some fish too.

    And next time you will catch more fishes.

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    oh its cause i caught around 11-12 fish and my cam died a hour into a 8 hour trip so ya it was my best day of fishing at this lake fish count wise but not weight. but only a little footage.. sorry title is confusing.
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    I was out there a few days ago but I couldn't hook up on anything good. All under 2lbs. I went to my usual spots and kept coming up with dinks. I did stumble upon a cove with the biggest carp I've seen at that lake. If I'm not mistaken, they spawn around this time too.

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    ya most that i got were under 2lb also. they tend to school in same sizes but usually the smaller ones hold closer to the shore and get fooled a lot easier. and the places i saw the bigs once they noticed me they took off from the shallows and wouldnt come back up. they are smart. i got another boat thursday and found 8 huge ones in the very back in 2 foot of water i got one cast on them before they all went deep i got snagged cuz they were in the thick of it. i got 4 others deeper near them but didnt see the bigs again.. i lost my go pro thursday in parking lot an someone swooped it up. i went today to lagoon few hours at evening and got two nice ones but one got off right at shore.

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