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Thread: castaic last few trips rough..but better then work.

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    Default castaic last few trips rough..but better then work.

    rented boat on a cold windy day. skunked.
    hit the west side bank far cliffs hiking back when it was packed on sunday found iphone, hooked up but lost it. it jumped almost immediately on hook up. which tells me he was active.. but its the only fish i could find hitting 10-60 foot of water then fished all the way back to lot 5-10 casts every 50 yards or so saw like 5 1-2#ers shallow in one spot but they cruised out of the area just as fast as i saw them. though i did take a cast or two where they were going but nothing .. went today.. water is still cold lake has been raising a lot. i found a around 6-10 largemouth in the shallows in a 5 hour run around the lake. one time i had 5 right under boat circling my bait but wouldnt take it. but they were all like 1-2# didnt see any bigs. idk if they spawning or those small ones were just the early ones that have moved up. water does feel a little warmer then last week though. but at least i beat the skunk today. a few boats were fishing right off the main launch and i think they hooked up while i was waiting to get a boat but i always like to cruise around and check the coves and points where people arent but to also cover water and kinda see whats going on in the shallow areas that i can see. before the wind came i could see around 10 feet down on the side where wind was coming couldnt see any beds formed but i dont really know where the flats are on the lake. i usually just cove search and point search and drag the bottom and like 2 foot off bottom more then anything else.

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    Prime spot on minute 1. All that rip rap is choice . Brutal in a beer can in the wind. Thanks for sharing.

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