okgene at least with that boat you are on top of water and can get to all the better to fish areas then where everyone can fish ie the shore guys.you dont really have to pimp out the boat of course it would be cool to be all pimped out for bass fishing but its more work to do. idk about you but even in my free time i will work on my stuff but if it work the way it is why pimp it out. you can always upgrade to a used bass boat keep an eye out. boats go for super cheap because of peoples situations so you can always find a good deal if you are patient and keep looking around. there are tricks to having lots of poles laying around without them all getting tangled. thats prob what you should look up if you are planning on having a lot of poles on board. practice tying in windy weather when at home ect and tying will get a lot easier and if those knots are that much of a pain learn new easier strong ones that are a lot easier to tie fast when you are on a bite and need to. i would say try to rig the trolling motor to pull the boat from the front instead of push it from the rear. it will last longer and be more efficient. and at castaic just use trolling motor around the points and coves and you will score fish. when its colder and hotter do the same just a little deeper. i suggest moving a lot till you find largemouth also then hit those areas a little harder. that strat work for largemouth. im not sure about striper i dont really go for them so if i get one cool but i dont get many the way i fish. but im also trying to get a really big largemouth out of castaic.. gl out there.