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Thread: A little Hansen dam action before the rain 3/11

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    Default A little Hansen dam action before the rain 3/11

    Walked the Shoreline of Hansen dam for about two hours and stuck a couple , my dad did way better than me aha and stuck a nice 4 pounder. check out the video !!

    Also, I would really appreciate it if you guys hit that subscribe button thanks !!
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    Nice catches and cool video

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    Thank you!

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    Cool video!!

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    very cool video for sure.
    haven't hit that water hole in a long time and glad to see there's fish there.

    thanks for sharing

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    Awesome post man. I live a few streets away from Hansen dam. Glad you got a bunch of bass. By any chance did you see any people catching trout?

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    Thanks everyone !
    @hunterandy, we were the only ones on the water that day so that’s a negative on the trout. To my knowledge they haven’t stocked it in quite some time . I’m sure if you put in the time for the trout you might be able to pull out a couple of the super holdovers

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    Some people I know went a little over a month ago and caught 3 nice sized trout at about 1.5lbs within a day or two after stocking and a friend of mine took his son about 3 weeks ago 15 mins before closing and they caught one about the same size as well so I've been wondering what's been going on. I might just head over there one of these days before work and see what happens lol. Thanks man!

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    Apparently they just stocked it, anyone been there since?

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