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Thread: Crankbaits?

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    Default Crankbaits?

    What is your favorite medium diving crankbait for bass? (Make, size and color)

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    Conditions for crankbaiting dictate the size, color and depth of the bait so much. Water color is the first question. Match the color of the bait for the color of the water. Dirtier water calls for brighter baits. In algae blooms you want to use bright green, white or orange baits. Clear water calls for natural colors of forage that the fish are eating. Night fishing calls for darker baits unless there is a full moon, bass can only see in black and white at night. As far as size goes situations also dictate that, are the fish eating larger size bluegill? Are they eating crayfish (small or large crayfish), Or are the fish you are fishing for cannibalistic? If you can explain the conditions you are fishing in then it would be much easier to give you an answer as to what type, color, size crankbait you should try to start with. Here are a few of my favorite brands starting with less expensive - Normans, Luhr Jensen, Rapala, Lucky Craft. If I were to narrow it down to one Medium depth bait I would suggest the Rapala DT 10 in Baby Bass color.
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    As was stated conditions and forage do matter , If i was to pick one to throw anywhere then it would be Strike King 6xd for medium depths and always in sexy shad color , only thing i suggest on that bait is change out the trebles and split rings they are garbage

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    So many to choose from!

    The X-Dad is a favorite.

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    KVD PM 5XD

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    at castaic ive never got a fish on a regular crankbait. but i have got them on lipless either in craw or shad pattern. my fav hard bait though is a lucky craft pointer deep diving suspending jerkbait in Sexy Chartreuse Shad... literally i havent used a better hardbait. but ive lost it soo many times i dont buy it anymore. but you should try one. i also dont fish during main bite times so maybe thats why havent scored any regular crankbait ones. but the jerkbait and lipless has still scored fish during those off times between morning feeding and evening feeding for me.
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    Strike king KVD squarebill sexy shad for clear to semi clear water. KVD squarebill neon chartreuse with rattles for murky dirty water. Suspending or non depending on condition. I really like the KVD line, but I do agree the rings and trebles can be upgraded.

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