Wow, I think it's been about 7 months since my last report. Been all over the globe, trying hard to "stay" retired. LOL
Did make it out once with Jeff (Webmaster) back in October for the Lobster hooping opener, but other than that, I haven't touched a fishing rod until now.

Came back in town after the Super Bowl to some great SoCal weather... it was like 4 degrees in Minnesota. But inside the stadium it was a comfy 70 degrees. Damn Patriots screwed me again! I bet Atlanta last year and we all know what happened. Decided not to bet against Tom Brady this year and...

I stayed in town through the Vietnamese/Chinese New Year to spend some time with family & friends. Told myself that it's been forever since I fish the surf so I set aside a couple of days to hit the suds. Don (Bachiboy) and I hit a couple of spots in the Malibu area last weekend and I'm finally getting around to put up a report.

I was so rusty the first morning we were out there, that within the first 5 minutes of the session, I had an epic backlash that couldn't be undone... glad I had a back up reel in my pack. Other than that, it was great being back in the water again... We really wanted Lt. Bones to join us, but Mike had bigger fish to fry... next time bro.

Here are some pics of our two mornings sessions.

Haven't got up this early for anything in a long time. lol

Don (Bachiboy)

My first surf fish in a VERY long time!

Don was outfishing me as usual...

Don caught a couple of short Flatties the first morning. I haven't caught a Halibut of any size in like, forever...

Pretty decent session... let's give it another go tomorrow morning.

End of the first morning session... going back again tomorrow.

Hit up a different spot the next morning. Another glorious day in the works...

A Perch... Really?!? I forgot what a Surf Perch looks like... Haha
We actually caught a bunch of Perch the second morning, some pretty chunky ones too.

Don caught a couple of nice Yellow Fin Croakers.

I caught a little Turd Roller.

Don got a Hali just shy of legal.

I told Don my goal for the morning is to get a 12 inch Halibut.
I accomplished half of my goal... a 6 inch Flatty... lol

Hey, this was my first Halibut in a couple of years... I'm not complaining.

End of the second morning session... Man, that felt great!

Gassing up the Silver Bullet and heading home...

Thanks Don for joining me for a couple of mornings in the suds... I had a great time. Didn't realize how much I miss fishing the surf, I have to make a point to to set aside some time to do it whenever I'm back in town. We have to get Lt. Bones out there with us next time too.

Thank you again for taking me to the World Series, it was a blast! Too bad you couldn't be my guest at the Super Bowl... maybe next year you'll let me repay you if your "Boss", uh, I mean wife allows you to go. Haha

Take care everybody... hope your lives are filled with Peace, Love and Happiness...

Arthur (Wingnut)

"If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a Radical 60 years ago, a Liberal 30 years ago, and a Racist today."

In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for. As for me, I am thankful that I'm not a Democrat. Dad

Parting shot.
Wingnut Pug II is a year old already, how time flies.

Bonus Stuff, more to share...

Mountain biking with Binh (BadBeat). Riding in memory of Sokha (Troublehook)

Visiting Sokha at the Temple. Rest in peace my friend. Can't believe it's been nearly a year now.

Taking Mom to visit Dad at Forest Lawn...

Stopped by Bob Sands Tackle in Van Nuys to visit Sal... why does he always look so grumpy?!?
Congrats Sal, on your 250 lbs plus Cow Tuna!

My favorite sandwich shop in the Valley.

Found a great little Pho shop in San Dimas by my Mom's house.

The World Series. We went to the first game of the Series.

Thank you Brother Don!!!

Treated some family & friends to see my buddy JoKoy perform at the Brea Improv.

Nothing is more relaxing than cruising down the freeway listening to some Pink Floyd.

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at my Church.

I put up this 9ft artificial Christmas Tree for my Mom every year... it's a lot of work.

The Elves wasn’t much help. LOL

Planted some Amaryllis, one of Mom's favorites... just started to bloom.

Ash Wednesday Mass with Binh's (BadBeat) nephew and his family.

My Sister and Niece at their New Year's Eve party.

I brought creme brulee to the party for everybody... home made!

My Mom grows the biggest veggies from her garden.

Got my eyes on a new mountain bike. This Santa Cruz Nomad is badass!

This one is pretty sweet too...

Wingnut Pug II recently got spayed... not a happy camper.

Halloween costumes for the Kids. Little Trolls... Haha

Binh (BadBeat) and his daughter Hope... true Dodgers fans.

Happy Birthday Mom! All she wanted were Mochi ice cream and cheesecake, lol.

My second favorite Vietnamese noodles dish,
Bn riu... Pho is my favorite.

To all my Vietnamese friends on FNN... Happy Lunar New Year!

That's it for now folks, until my next report, whenever that may be... God Speed to all.

"If you don't believe in freedom of expression for people you despise, you don't believe in it at all..."