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Thread: the END.... good RUN. holding you accountable

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    Default the END.... good RUN. holding you accountable

    nothing here... move along, sorry.
    Last edited by Roy; 03-03-2018 at 09:50 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy View Post
    nothing here... move along, sorry.
    Huh!!! Explain please????

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    Just wish there was a delete this post button... had too many cold ones last night and wrote some dumb stuff. Felt so embarrass so i delete it. I promise to write on my reports and fishing trips only. Sorry guys.

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    Hey, at least you admitted you weren't on your game.

    But if I interpreted what you originally posted correctly, I got the impression you were noting that a couple of blokes from Australia were trying to emulate Mesoamerican culture for their music video. While Australians had their own historic baggage (having 160,000 convicts in various penal colonies), I find it amusing when groups try to appropriate the culture of indigenous peoples they enslaved and killed.

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