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Thread: How To Make Bait Bags Using Big Vic's!

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    Default How To Make Bait Bags Using Big Vic's!

    How To Make Bait Bags Using Pro Meds Big Vic's Bait Netting! Great For Freshwater or Saltwater Anglers!

    Years ago i shared how i used Pro Med01 finger gauze to make bait bags. What are bait bags? A simple gauze bag to cast soft baits that would normally rip off a casted hook. Recently i was contacted by the owner of Pro Meds , Vicki Lurie who became aware of my videos that showcased her company's products. I then received several boxes of Big Vic's Bait Netting#1. Seems this product was meant for anglers to cast soft baits.

    Pro Meds01 is the same as Big Vic's#1, just marketed for the fishing community. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to enhance my experience with my bait bags. Since sharing how i make my bags i'm still answering questions till this day. So i hope i'm giving enough information to update the dozen videos i've done showing my usage of bait bags.

    Since my first video highlighting Pro Med netting bags i've caught Trevally, Ladyfish, Bonefish, Sharks & Rays. Besides being able to cast very soft baits like liver i've found the bags prolong how long the bait can be presented. That means the netting protects the bait from being eaten to early by those tiny "bait stealers". This means less bait checks. The benefits? You save on buying bait & that means you save money.

    This day i tried to share techniques that i've learned to make the bait bag experience complete. A large Ladyfish took-off jumping away since it wasn't fully hooked. Had a hit & run, and a hit that stopped & the rig went into the coral reef (most likely a eel). I showed how to stabilize your bait in sand utilizing wired banks to how to take a bait bag off a barbed hook easily. Also how i break my lead line without damaging my equipment if stuck.

    Since i didn't have any fish to show for todays demonstration i used past pictures of fish caught using bait bags since Pro Med & Big Vic's are the same netting material. I've had messages from Florida to Australia by anglers who are extremely satisfied using this product.

    The original intent of creating bait bags was for fresh water anglers targeting catfish by using soft baits like liver in pantyhose. Problems were the bags ripped to easily. Now salt water enthusiast as well as fresh water anglers can benefit from using bait bags.
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    Kool video I use this method for catfish and chicken livers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fourtogo View Post
    Kool video I use this method for catfish and chicken livers.
    Yes, catfishing using soft bags inside pantyhose was used before. Problem was the pantyhose rips to easily. I've tried different materials and found that this gauze netting works the best! You don't want the material to shred off either in the fish or the environment. After 100's of sets the Pro Med/Big Vic's stands up. When it does get shredded from teeth or claws it's still recoverable for proper disposal. Now when i clean fish i save the guts for the bait bags (and crab nets).

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    Pretty cool idea,thanks.

    Cya Tuna Vic

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