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Thread: Redneck Outboard - Anybody tried it?

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    Default Redneck Outboard - Anybody tried it?

    I've seen a few you tube videos of this and I think it could work pretty well and the weight to torque ratio would be decent compared to a small outboard. A weedwacker could double as a small outboard for a dinghy couldn't it? It seems it wouldn't be hard to retrofit that bottom unit with a prop and away we go. I'm sure being in California you'd have a game warden or the lake police on your *** quicker than you can blink but other states and some parts of northern california this could be aviable solution.

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    I like it!
    I'll raise you one and go with a chainsaw. My brothers used to put 12HP chainsaws on minibikes with the tiny wheels and the original 5 HP Briggs and Stratton in the 60's. They would ultimately crash at about 50-60 miles per hour and end up in the hospital again. I could see adapting it for a tiny boat.
    See, where not all that different.
    I grew up in

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    One time I got on my bike with a back pack leaf blower, It powered me pretty well. Kinda like a small jet engine Ha Ha .

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