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Hi all,

Happy to find this community! I'm currently a college student in North Carolina, originally from South Carolina, and I've received admission to a phd program at UCSB. I'm an avid fisherman and was part of a community similar to this one called NCAngler, which i highly recommend to anyone going to fish in NC! Natural

one of the first things I did when looking at graduate programs was check out the local fishing. It looks like Santa Barbara, Goleta, and surrounding areas have pretty lively fishing communities. I'm from Coastal SC, near Myrtle Beach, so while most of my fishing has been in black freshwater rivers and swamps, I'm somewhat familiar with inshore and surf fishing for speckled trout, red drum, and flounder. However, it looks like y'all are dealing with entirely different stuff from the surf out here, which is exciting! I would love to hear any tips or information anyone has with regard to the area I'll be in, but I look forward to putting in a lot of work to find spots and fish if I end up accepting and moving out there. Living on the West coast is such a strange thought to me, so it's nice to find this community and see a familiar passion for fishing here. I look forward to being part of this community! i've added a couple of pics of me with some fish from over here!

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Welcome aboard Zach.