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Thread: Mojave River Hatchery in San Bernardino County Reopens after Major Renovation

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    Default Mojave River Hatchery in San Bernardino County Reopens after Major Renovation

    FEBRUARY 1, 2018
    The Mojave River Hatchery in Victorville, northern San Bernardino County, has reopened after an extensive and much needed overhaul to promote more efficient trout production for anglers in Southern California.

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) invested several hundred thousand dollars on the project, including pressure washing and disinfecting 6,000 linear feet of fish rearing ponds and associated plumbing, coating all fish rearing surfaces with Food and Drug Administration-approved epoxy coating to improve fish culture conditions and installing new manifolds for the water recirculation loop to improve efficiency.

    The modernization of the Mojave Hatchery will greatly benefit Southern California trout anglers. Fish production at Mojave River Hatchery has already resumed and healthy juvenile fish have been brought in from other CDFW hatcheries for additional growth at the renovated facility. The first batch of catchable-sized fish from Mojave Hatchery are anticipated in late February, with others to follow.

    Millions of fertile trout eggs are also being shipped to Mojave for incubation and rearing into catchable fish for stocking later in 2018, and CDFW is continuing to stock catchable fish in Southern California from sister hatcheries farther north.

    The last major renovations to Mojave River Hatchery took place more than 45 years ago.

    In addition to the raceway renovation and improvements, contractors upgraded the plumbing from the hatchery building, refurbished the well pump motors, and excavated the two settling ponds and installed new, UV-resistant rubber lining.

    Mojave River Hatchery is one of 13 state-run inland trout hatcheries that provide millions of additional trout fishing opportunities each year for California’s angling public.

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    Thanks that sounds like good news.

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    It sure nice to see where some of our License Fees are going too. Now we need to get to work and re-open the States only WARM WATER FISH HATCHERY located in Imperial County. It can bring tears to your eyes to drive by it and see what has happened to the once thriving hatchery, the only one that kept the Southern to Central part of the State stocked with LMB and Catfish. There is no stocking except the run-off from the AAC System and the overflow from the Colorado River right now. We could alleviate some of the annual costs to get this hatchery up and running.Come on People who make the rules while sitting on their thrones in Sacramento, START LISTENING Elections are coming up and the working folks are getting tired of getting shafted.

    Get Your **** Together or You might find yourselves without a "THRONE" to sit on !!!

    YFP Jon

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