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Thread: Perris Feb 6th

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    Default Perris Feb 6th

    Had the boat in the water by 6:30 this morning. Plenty of light and water temp was at 57. Headed straight for the tire reef and threw a square bill through the brush and deep suspending jerkbait over the tires for nothing. Once again, kept trying to force feed the fish with baitcasting equipment. Nothing on the reaction baits and Texas or Carolina rigged plastics. Hauled water for the first 2+ hours.

    Headed to the dam and continued with the baitcasting equipment. Carolina and Texas rigged plastics, deep diving cranks (15 feet of water) and hula grubs for NOTHING! No bites, nothing. Gave in and began throwing a Neko rigged worm for.....nothing. Picked up a dropshot for.....NOTHING! Very frustrating. Lake was beautiful, water was glass again, and there was NO action. Didn't see any cruisers up shallow and as Brent stated in his post, I didn’t see anyone catching fish today either.

    After working about 2/3rds of the dam, I headed to a deep water (now in 35 feet of water) rock pile. Again, hula grub, Ika, Ned rig, and a dropshot for nothing.

    Back to the tire reef and the water is now in 60-61 range. Pitched and flipped a beaver into the flooded brush for nothing. Finally get a bit on the Ika on a tire pile (10-11 feet deep). Seems like a decent fish and it feels like it’s got me either around or through a tire. I use 10 pound floro, so I’m trying to be gentle. The fish comes out of the tire and I’m able to land it. 5 pounds 7 ounces on the digital scale, beautiful fish.

    Kept working the edge of the brush line (in about 10-12 feet of water) with the Ika and Neko rigged worm. Nothing. Headed back to the ramp and off the water at 2. Water in that east end was up to 62.5. Asked a gentlemen pulling his boat out how he did. He didn’t have a bite all day and had a second angler with him.

    Spoke with a ranger today before launching. Water is up about 6 feet, but is no longer being pumped in due to the lack of rain the state has had this year. The plan is for no water over the at least the next 6 weeks, then they’ll re-evaluate.

    Good and bad...??? As I mentioned before, the east end looks like it was designed to be a bass haven, but it’s still dry. But....., if the water stabilizes, maybe the spawn won’t be as affected and maybe, just maybe, the fish will start BITING AGAIN!!!! SO glad DVL is CLOSED on my days off!!

    Good luck gents.
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    Good report, thx

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    Default Long Early Day

    First of all that was a superb report that You made. You hit the lake the same way I like too, my problem is that my boat is shut down for repairs. I need to replace the lower cowling on the engine and do a three year service a year late before I can start doing it up again. I'll have it all squared away in a few weeks and hopefully get back into the swing of things!! Again GOOD LUCK and keep it up at Perris and or DVL.

    YFP Jon

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    You give the best fishing reports that I have seen on here in months, if not years. I saw pictures of the east end at my bass club meeting last week...can't wait for the water level to cover up the new structure placed dues construction. Kwin told my buddy, (with the pictures on his phone), that at full pool the new rock & structure will be in about 25' of water depth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassinPLS View Post

    can't wait for the water level to cover up the new structure placed dues construction. Kwin told my buddy, (with the pictures on his phone), that at full pool the new rock & structure will be in about 25' of water depth.
    Just got word that Perris will not be drawing in more water to complete this process, due to the lack of storms in Northern California. it is a bummer too because I was looking forward to hitting the "new" East End this year.

    The report also stated that they will re-evaluate the water level in a month and determine if they can continue in bringing the water level up to full pool.

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    If or when Perris fills, it will have some incredible new structure in the east end.

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    Thanks for the detailed report. I went last week with my fishing partner. Unfortunately work has been busy so didn’t report. The fishing is tough out there. I managed one from about 15ft on a submerged rock and brush pile we found on the east end on a wacky senko. Fished from 11-4. Lost a lot of tungsten. We plan to start fishin there every Other week on Tuesdays. We fish on his red Triton. If you see us say hi. It would be cool to meet a fellow FNN member.

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