First post here. I live in Lake Elsinore, CA and because of business spend a ton of time on the Lower Colorado south of Blythe. My two sons were out of school for a couple weeks so we spent it out there.

I'm somewhat new to bass fishing. I've been flyfishing my entire life in the eastern Sierras and got into bass fishing two years ago.

This past trip saw very low water forcing me to only be able to access the old river channel around the Walters Camp area. The area is a slow moving back water that used to be the original river channel. It is now a back water that is shallow year round, extremely shallow in the winter, dingy water with nothing but tule lined banks.

The fishing was decent with a handful each day. The best pattern we found after one of the kids got bored was white/chrome lipless cranks burned a foot or so under water over the tops of the submerged milfoil in what looked like open water. We also got a few flipping the tules with creature baits and a small handful on spinnerbaits around the few pieces of structure we could get to.

Creature in the tules:

Spinnerbait around a sunken tree:

My old mans first river bass:

Now if I can only figure out how to catch them at Lake Perris I'd be a happy man.