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Thread: 1/23 castaic upper

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    Default 1/23 castaic upper

    Went out this morning with my mind made up to bass fish only.
    Started down the fish arm hitting the points. Nothing until I reached hawks nest. Got my first one there. I realized I might have been fishing too fast. I switched my set up to a ned rigged 6 inch robo. I was popping it off the bottom with LONG pauses. I started getting hit immediately. Every other cast was a fish. They were mostly 2-3 lbs'ers and a few closer to 4. Fish arm got very windy so I moved to the side of c-point. First cast was a winner.
    Fishing this rig requires a very light hand. Because the hook sits in the bottom and I'm fishing rocks, hook set timing is crucial. They don't slam it, its a very light pick up.
    I tried a few colors but the one that got hit most consistently was the purple with the yellow/neon paddle tail. The pauses where around 30 secs and it seemed to be good timing.
    Hope this helps anyone going out.

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    Here are some pics from today, finally got my phone charged. These two are probably the biggest ones of the day. The last line on the catch board is 18", so it was about 20". The other one I didn't measure but looked about the same.
    Bonus: Fire dept. was practicing water drops from the helli. Really cool to watch. Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for info FISHN FX. I hope to head up to Castaic next week if I get over this bug that's going around. I know pattern may not hold up til then but how deep were the fish?

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    That bug has been on a rampage and it sticks.
    I was fishing steep drop offs and points. They were bitting at 15-20ft. The bigger ones were deeper, usually right under the boat at 25+. Make sure to fish it slow, to a point where the current is doing most of the work. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for response. I've fished the Ned rig some but it does take patience. You're right about the bug...I'm in my 5th week of this thing. It has gone through my entire family like crap through a duck...just not as quick lol.

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    good job. the boat does make hitting all the points a lot easier. dont forget to be scanning and hitting, the secondary points also i think that is where you will find more of the monster bass. its tougher from the banks for sure but i still use that same strat hit points and secondary points and then like the coves have a bunch of ledges also from when water went down so i try to drag them also. keep it up though you been doing good.

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