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Thread: Castaic 1/18 upper lake- outfished by a girl?!?

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    Default Castaic 1/18 upper lake- outfished by a girl?!?

    Went out with my girlfriend last Thursday. First thing I did was throw around a swim bait by the docks with no luck. After that, started looking for deep strippers down the fish arm. Found a nice grouping right by the underwater island at about 50ft. I bought some lugworms for my girl, she likes to just sit there in her phone while she fishes :
    I was jigging a rapala vertical with no luck. Then my good ol trusty shorty jig, still nothing. It seemed I was scaring them so I set my girl up with the lugs. As soon as she hit 50ft, she gets hit. She left the drag open so the line got twisted up around the reel. As I was trying to fix the line, fish got off.
    Set up again, and this time it came with a lecture
    It took a little longer this time, but needs up landing a 4lb. Only hit we got at that spot. Only 1 hungry fish.
    Moved on the bass fishing. Set her up with a wackied robo (no weight) and instantly landed a LMB of a Rocky point.
    I was jiggiing a senko with a shroom weight with no luck. I set her up again and on her third cast, gets hit again. This time, its putting up a good fight. She's super excited but nervous at the same time. This thing is taking drag like nothing (don't trust her with a tight drag). I let her fight it for a few minutes. Finally comes up and it's a really good sized LMB. It weighed in at 5.2.
    She caught three, I got 1. This was all in a few hours we where there. Beautiful day with a beautiful girl. WHAT else can I ask for?

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    grats and sweet she schooled ya lol. its been tough from the banks though i have seen some nice sized one off largemouths breaching here and there just out of my casting range. sounds like she got one of em.
    gl out there.

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    Nice trip. Outings like that keeps the girlfriend coming back with less resistance.

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    Shes already talking smack because I went out today without her...
    Report to follow.

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