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Thread: fail and little one from the banks

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    Default fail and little one from the banks

    i was on skunk fest but not dragging bottom like i should be since i hate snags. went back all drop shot now seeing fish again. i think drop shot makes fish active in a way. when i stick to it i always see fish start to chase some little bait fish around where im drop shotting. but its only after ive been draggin the spot for a lot longer then i would during springtime. the only drawback is you can snag after a retie and lose your full set up again so its a pain in the *** really. but it scores fish. anyways no lunks this winter for me. i dont have rain gear for bike yet or i wouldve been out the past couple days. anyways gl out there.

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    Even the little one get the heart pumpin'!
    Drop shotting from shore can definitely get you more snags because of the hard angle. I use drop shot weights that are meant to come off easy if it gets snagged. It has a crimp where you jam the line into, no knots. Saves me from re-tying the flouro and hook, specially when time is crucial.

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    Nice report. Thanks for sharing

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    fishin fx ya i used to buy those i would use them for sure from boats. but since the drag angle is bad from shore most the time its the hook getting snagged either on rock or the dead bushes under the water. mainly because the drag angle from shore though. so i witched to the cheaper weights since figured saving a little per snag can add up easily there. i just get the cheap 5 bag of bullet weights for 1 dollar. i also tie the weight weaker then the hook incase only the weight only snags. i have also tried just a big hook where you can do the weightless texas rig. but for some reason i never get bit like that and then since it takes forever to sink i cant feel if im on bottom as easy and ive still snagged and lost those too. also with dropshot ive noticed if i continually bounce it as im just dragging it in and only reeling slack it helps to get more bites too. though i would say half my dropshot fish come also from the drop down after the cast with no reel in just a little movement on bait after it hit bottom. cya

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