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Thread: Oprah 2020!

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    Default No, Seth Meyers. Just no.

    Damn shame that the guy who brought us this:

    Had nothing but this crap to offer last night:

    Being topical doesn't mean you have to be banal.

    (In case you didn't get the sarcasm, I won't be voting for Oprah. Not for town streetsweeper, let alone for President. Unless Democrats want to chuck ANOTHER four years down the drain, they'd be wise to nominate someone else.
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    You may as well have started a "Who voted for Trump" thread.

    You may get more responses there.

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    How about ' Jeff Bezos ' Amazon's CEO for the next president ? It seems like money worth means more now days then anything else, he is now the richest man in the world and as a matter of fact I just mailed a 32 dollar check to Amazon today.
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