Have not fished here since late October, went there today and saw no fishing signs.
This is the reasons why

In response to concerns from residents and City maintenance personnel, the City is re-evaluating our enforcement policy and associated health and safety concerns. These concerns are in addition to the damage to landscape and equipment that have arisen over the years, which includes the following:

•Harveston Lake is filled with reclaimed water;
•the City never stocked the lakes and does not intend to;
•animal wildlife (fish, ducks, turtles, birds, and domestic pets) are affected by debris, hooks left in and around the shoreline, and casting dangers to citizens;
•damage and destruction to the surrounding landscape including pollution, hooks, fishing line, and trash being left behind; and
•damage and destruction to the pumps and Harveston Boat House equipment.

The ‘No Fishing’ signage will remain until we discuss this item further at the January 8, 2018 Community Services Commission Meeting which begins at 6:00 pm for the community to share concerns.