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Thread: A Large Winter Bluegill to End the Year

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    Default A Large Winter Bluegill to End the Year

    Here is a brief and belated report from last Friday, December 29.

    I fished on the marina docks for about from about 3 to 6 p.m. that afternoon (with a permit), using redworms as bait. I eventually tried casting out with a water filled bobber and a long 2 pound leader on one pole, and had a bite on the first cast, around 4:30, but missed it. Around 5 p.m., I simply dropped the bait down from the left side of the dock, facing the shore, and my line moved to the left before it reached the bottom. (It slowly sinks with that set up). I set the hook and knew I had a fish on, but I didn't realize how big it was until I got it near the surface, when it really started peeling off line and I could see that it was a large Bluegill. I let out some line and managed to grab the net which was about 20 feet away since I didn't want to try lifting it with 2 pound line. (The net was well over on the other side of the docks so I couldn't just walk the fish over there.) I managed to land the fish and I must say this is probably the largest Bluegill I have caught in the winter, probably among my top 10 Bluegills all time. What a pleasant surprise to end the year, even if it was the only fish I caught that day. I weighed it and it came out to 1 pound, 2 ounces, a very good looking Florida strain Bluegill. It was tasty too.
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    Nice size fish-congrats!!

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    Thank you rockbass.

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    Nice catch. Catching fish is a bonus when you’re fishing

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    Yep, the fishing at Perris Lake in particular was so slow last year that anytime I caught a fish it seemed like a bonus. LOL I am looking forward to the lake being filled up again this year and the fishery improving.

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    Way to go NL! I think I have told you this before, but live crickets are the best bait. They die pretty quick, but the fish don't care, Also, if you can find them in your yard, those large earthworms that seem to jump when you touch them. Kind of hard to hook, but just how them once in the middle. They are a killer big Bluegill and Redear bait. Did anyone else catch anything?

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    Thank you, Jeff. There was some luck involved, of course. I don't think Bluegills like that bite very often in the winter, but it was a warm day.

    I hooked a large fish on a cricket at the marina docks once that peeled off a lot of line and was eventually lost in the cables. We didn't see it so not sure what it was. I don't use crickets much though, and haven't noticed particularly good results on them for myself, aside from that big one that got away. The worms that jump are called Alabama Jumpers, I believe. We had them in my parents' yard, so I often collected them and used them for bait. They do work really well. We transplanted some to my yard in Moreno Valley but they seem to have died out here. We have Redworms and the ones that are orange on the end here. The orange ones are all that are left in my compost containers apparently. I think they are more tolerant of dry conditions and it got too dry last summer when we went on vacation. I forget their exact name, but anyway, they work well too as bait.

    I only saw 3 other people fishing and they didn't catch anything. When I caught the fish, I was the only person there.

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    hell ya thats like a solid 11". i like when you catch them that big they like to do the circle dance as you reel them up. they are a lot of fun to catch with a ultralight with 2# line. though i put 6# on my ultralight for castaic upper. since its snag fest. but ya i got a few on light line at castaic and it makes it a lot more fun.
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    I think the main line was 4 pound, and just the leader was 2 pound, leftover from this past summer fishing for alpine trout. LOL I took a black knat fly off and put a worm hook on before fishing with it last Friday. The fish was kind of lethargic until I got it to the surface, when it took off and peeled off some line. Fortunately, I had adjusted my drag to not be too tight. I usually use 4 or 6 pound line in that situation, but I was willing to try whatever to see if it would work. LOL

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