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Thread: not a fan of owner

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    I use to do a lot of Steelhead fishing on the Chetco river in Oregon. You said your fish was jumping??? A guide up there once told me, "it will only jump" if it's hooked in the mouth. So it probably was, "I'm wondering" is where it was hooked had something to do with it breaking?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTT View Post
    going to bass pro in rancho tomorrow. you ask them about steelhead and you get blank look. i had to explain to one salesman what a steelhead was. his reply was i don't think they have those around here.

    Don't even wander into the fly fishing section, unless you want to walk out with a head ache.

    I had a guy swear up and down that there are no brown trout in SoCal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piss on Myspace View Post
    ahhh at the old nimbus damn...was up there last year working and they were jumping everywhere!!! Tucks right about them naturally being thin wired hooks. My next question, is did you snag it??? That will inherently put more pressure on the hook.
    yeah i dont think it was snagged. caught on dtifting roe. since you been up there that secondary stream off the main river. there were about 8-12 of them. beautiful. 18 inches plus. just stacking up right before that little rapid that everyone crosses to get to the island. the previous day i caught a 20 salmon on a flying C. look like she lost a prize.
    fight. I let her go so she could do her business. but they are huge right now. i want to go back but it will
    probably be next year in september when the salmon run again. right now focussing on the local bass right now. have a brother who invited me to fish havasu with him.

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