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Thread: Lake Evans (Fairmont Park)

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    Default Lake Evans (Fairmont Park)

    Went over to the park for about an hour of bass fishing before it got dark. I caught one of about 16 inches (it was hard to see my measurement tape in the dark.) at "the tank" on my new favorite bass bait, an unweighted green pumpkin Sanshouo. We all have to get new fishing licenses soon.

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    Nice. You have Fairmount down.

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    @GhettoBasster.. You know, a couple of years ago, I did feel like I had Fairmount "down". I knew where to fish, I knew what to use, and I knew what time of day the bass were feeding. Now though, it all has changed. There are so many fishermen now (thank you Fishbrain) and seems like almost every bass I catch now has been caught before. So possibly these bass from this somewhat small body of water are getting educated. I know that when I now fish with a bait that was very productive in the past few years, I don't hardly get any bites on it,.. maybe none at all. I have changed to another new soft plastic bait that looks like something the bass may have not seen before. We'll see how it works by next Spring & Summer.

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