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Thread: NPH noob success

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    Default NPH noob success

    Just finished my first NPH session. Not bad for my first try. Only fished for about an hour. Got the spots and a sand bass. Won't let me upload the pics right now. Nothing big but stoked for my first try. Can't wait to get out and explore more tomorrow.

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    Congrats on a first successful session, I love that harbor...........

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    Congratulations on the great job. It's one of my favourite harbours. I haven’t fished it for awhile though.

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    Newport harbor has some great fishing at times.
    The spotties are incredible on light tackle. They are one of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound in the harbor.
    Try using your trout rod and see what happens. WooooHooo!

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    Great report! An hour spent fishing pretty much beats just about anything else. An hour spent fishing new water and getting action? That's a 10 in my book. Good luck on your next outing! - Brewcrafter

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    Good job out there! It took me a few skunks before landing my first Spottie. LOL If you can, try doing an afternoon to night session. The pigs come out at night when the weather is cold Oh and dropshotting works well too
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    we fished the late afternoon. used smaller swimbaits on our trout set ups. 6lb test on my 8.5ft salmon rod. its the set up I use for brown fishing but worked great for the spots and the butts

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