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Thread: Favorite lure list

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    Default Favorite lure list

    In order from most thrown to least.
    1. Spybait
    2. Ned Rig/Wacky Rig
    3. Runcl popping frog
    4. Square Bill
    5. Deep diving crank (20ft)
    6. Shakey head
    7. Spoons
    8. Buzzbait
    9. Spinner bait

    Number 1 to 5 probably 90% of the time. What's your thrown list?

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    Depends on conditions but if I had to choose

    1) Jerk Bait

    2) Spro Arku

    3) Drop shot

    4) Carolina

    5) Topwater

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    A lot depends on the lake I am fishing. I'm a topwater guy, almost 80% of the time because there is such a variety of type to choose from (Whopper plopper, Pop-R, Runcl frog, buzzbait etc.) And throwing a topwater has lots of fun. Spinnerbait is the least. I've caught fish and had some success of most every type of lure but not a spinnerbait.

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    I mostly fish city park lakes and must say my favorite lure is the rooster tail.

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    1. The Mighty Bite Fishing Lure

    2. The Rechargeable Twitchin' Lure

    3. The Banjo Minnow

    4. The Helicopter Lure

    5. The Flying Lure

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