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Thread: Just a tip/suggestion

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    Default Just a tip/suggestion

    I was at Turners today picking up some Huddlestons and noticed there was a Lexa 300 on sale for $99 !!? Perfect to throw the new baits so I had the clerk pull it out (the reel I mean). I clicked down the clutch bar and spun the empty spool. It spun two revolutions and stopped. Hmmmm, I loosened the spool tention.... nada then put the mag brake on 0 .... nada. I figured I'd pick up the reel at that ridiculous price and if it wouldn't work I'd return it to Diawa for repair. Well, I got it home, opened it up an it was 100% dry inside. I put a bit of lube on the spool shaft and on the 2 bearings on either side of the spool. Spun the spool and voila! it spun free and easy for a good while. So, long and short of it is open your new reel and check for lubrication. That is all folks!
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