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Thread: Perris is alive and kicking out great bass..

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    Default Perris is alive and kicking out great bass..

    Ive been going out to Perris quite a bit lately and Ive been following the movement of the bass in this time of transition....

    As many of you may or may not know the transition from Fall to Winter can and often is one of the toughest times of the year to find the bass and get then get them to bite.... Add to that the fact that cold water is coming into the lake makes for a challenging time of year for bass fisherman who throw lines into Lake Perris...

    The funky bite started about a 3 weeks ago...and by funky I mean.... the bite slowed... one day they bite and not the day they are here then they are gone....etc etc...

    My partner and I fished round 1 of the ABA Perris Region on Oct 22nd and the funky bite had just started... We had to unload the bag of tricks in that event to get bit... But what we didn't do in that event was spin out and fish to much water... We made the decision to only fish Deep that day because we knew from following the bass that they had already started to make their migration to deep water.. We didn't want to fish from 2ft to 55ft so we made that decision to only fish the 40+ range instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off...
    To do that you need to be disciplined and you have to have confidence in your abilities and you have to have confidence in your electronics because its a big commitment to go out and fish deep with money on the line when seemingly every other team looked to be fishing shallow.
    But we were confident with what we saw the bass doing in the days leading up to the event.... So we made the decision to fish deep and we stuck with it and grinded it out.... and we were rewarded with a solid 2nd place finish in the season opener....
    At the end of the day only 2 teams of the 17 entered had 4 bass limits... We were one of them.. So was 1st place.. The rest of the teams struggled pretty bad to figure it out.. and some REALLY good teams didn't even weigh a keeper... Which showed how tough the bite was for most..

    The bite actually sputtered to get going after that day because of the hot weather we had the week later and then the cooling trend began...

    Since then the bass have continued to head to the deeper water..... Sure some bass are still shallow and can be caught but its far more of a needle in the haystack then finding them ready to bite in the deeper water...

    Ive been going out a lot since that event and Ive had some tough days but Ive had some really productive days.... And sometimes that can happen on back to back days.. Some days they bite hard and hold on .. and some days they barely suck the bait in and its the slightest pressure bite...
    I think the reason for that is the bass that have been deep for a couple weeks already have acclimated and are on the chew and aggressively feeding... but the bass that have just got out to the deep water are still trying to acclimate to the deeper water and although they need to eat they do so very timidly and un-aggressively.. Just my opinion on that.. But makes sense to me..

    So while Ive been going out there, Ive been fishing all my favorite deep areas and using all my favorite deep water techniques and baits,,,, we just go out there and grind... And its been paying off more times than not..

    Last week I was out there a couple times and we caught good keepers each day but one of the two days the bites were extremely light pressure bites and the next day we fished and got very solid hard bites.... goes back to what I was saying.... But one thing the couple days had in common was that We put a hurt on them each day... We could have done better the first day but we missed about 6-7 bites because the bite was so light and we flat missed them.. It happens.. But the next day I made some adjustments and we crushed them and had a 15-16 lb limit for our best 4 bass...
    9 days ago we had a huge limit OVER 19 lbs for 4 bass.. and my team partner stuck an 8 lber... and we actually lost two giant bass over 8 lbs because we were toying with certain baits and setups trying new things... So that was a bummer..

    What does all this mean?? It means that YES there are bass to be caught out there if you know where to look and what to use... And if you think outside the box and outside your comfort level of cruising the shallows...

    I can show you the where they are, what they are eating, and tell you why they are eating what bait.. I can show you how to catch fish by using the fishfinder...I can show you what its like to "Video Game" bass fish... (Seeing bass on the graph and catching them)

    I don't and would never guarantee we smash them...Its WINTER People....Some days are great other days its a grind... But I do guarantee I know what Im talking about and I do guarantee that you will be a better deep water angler after a trip with me....
    I will open your eyes to a different part of the water column then you are used to fishing...

    Just because the bass go deep doesn't mean they don't eat... I will show you different baits for the different moods of the bass.... If you want to learn the deep bite... call me and book your trip and lets go to Perris and let me show you the ropes..

    Id post pictures but I cant for the life of me figure out why Im having trouble posting pictures again... Ive never had trouble with it before but for some reason its not working..

    You can follow me on my fishing Facebook page at ... Pete Marino Fishing and you can see the pictures of the bass we've been catching.. Give my page a LIKE and be eligible for my giveaways..

    If you want a trip with me call me.... the bite is getting better and better each day...

    (909) 241-8283 cell


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    Have you guys been picking
    At any deep water crappies


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    Thanks for the nice report. I see and hear a lot of fishermen say this or that place sucks. What I respond with is the fish are there you just have to find them, get them to bite, and hopefully land them. I often get laughed at when I break ou my light line and baits. I’ve found that those baits you never use usually work best.

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    because of the high water there are a decent amount of bluegill and crappie still in the shallow brush in 5-8ft.

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