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Thread: Perris Gills 11/7/17

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    I got to second and third that. Salt would be better for me if it wasn't for sea sickness. Last time I was out I was offering bribes to drop me off at the nearest piece off solid land i.e. island, peninsula, shore, whatever. When no one obliged i damn near took my chances swimmjing in shark infested waters to get to land.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BassinPLS View Post
    I was out pre fishing Lake Perris yesterday, (Wed, 11/10/17), and the bass bite was absolutely dead. The bluegill were the only thing biting. I wasn't fishing for bluegill; but guys on the east end of the lake were getting them on mini jigs.
    Yeah. We saw a few boats out there, but I don't think we there any bass landed in the 6 hours we fished.

    Quote Originally Posted by fishmounter View Post
    Ifishtoolittle - You have got to admit that catching those big BGs is really fun, especially on very light outfits. And for me, I would take freshwater fishing, especially when it involves fishing for large BGs, Redears and crappie over saltwater fishing. Then again, if I didn't get so seasick every time I go out on the ocean, I would enjoy the salt way more.
    Oh yeah. Never said it wasn't fun. It's just a trip for me to get to Perris. The salt is closer to me if anything. I grew up fishing Perris, and my fondest memories of fishing were going after these scrappy guys. lol and it must be an age thing with seasickness. My dad gets horrible seasickness now, and he used to fish on party boats several times a week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skinny View Post
    Hit some 1+ pound gills last weekend on a shad KVD 1.5 last weekend. They are definately out to play. Bass was dead for me too!
    Must of been some giants to hit that lure!

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    heard they were going through
    a second spawn like a month

    nice fish ' what was your total


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    Good size BG, congrat man. How often you guys fish lake Perris? I just got myself a kayak too and fish out of it a few times. I don't see a lot of kayak activities around here and been looking for those fellow kayaker to fish with. I have not been to lake Perris at all this year.
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