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Thread: A GLOW "over the city lights....there's a way"

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    Default buoys

    does any one know if buoys can be made out of expanding foam? or is it more scientific...part A and B stuff

    wanted to know because i want to make my own....just different design.

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    (no replies)............only reason i asked, its cause i am amidst a new design to the old Buoy... glow sticks, milk jugs... etc. to be obsolete

    Well, i'll go it alone....something to "GLOW" ..... amidst the city lights.......our way back.... just a bit more refine.

    guess .... some trial and error is in order.

    electronics...CHECKED! design 50%, buoyancy (with minimal to ZERO moisture absorption).... forecast.

    one 18650 drawing .060 miliamps from a 3 amp hour source (parallel), cable management system, and super bright multi color LEDs and.......

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    You need a "closed cell" foam or it's basically a sponge. I think your basic foam in a can products are all open cell. Here's a company that makes closed cell foam kits for boats: Versi-Foam

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    ty... what if the "close cell" is the shell of a 3 litter bottle...(outer shell being the close, with a layer off sand to right it up).. i'll experiment.... research:: regular buoys... are made from pvc high density foam
    per manufacture description... thank you bob, when and if my design comes out to the must be reliable, low cost, and made in the USA.

    ... ill look into it!

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